The Orchestra

JET Symphonic Band has been founded in 1975 at Tielt, Belgium, and counts for the moment 100 musicians, girls and boys together. Since then, the symphonic band had concerts for different occasions in Belgium and Europe. There were concerts in Great-Britain, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy.

the orchestra - 2011

We offer an average complement between 60 and 65 musicians. All musicians need to have at least attended 4 years at a school of music before they can be part of the ensemble. Since 1995 the group has been recognised by the department of Cultural Affairs from the Flemish Community.

The band is also the Musical Ambassador of the European City of Tielt. We offer a variety of different styles and programs, such as baroque, classical music, symphonic music, jazz, big-band, film music en specific brass band arrangements. Our compact-discs, which were particularly produced for our summer performances, are available at each concert. If you are interested in the band to add luster to any event (aperitif concert, church service, theatre concert, open-air concert, ... etc.) you can easily contact us.


1985First concert tour in Great-Britain (London)
1987First concert tour in Italy (South Tirol)
1994First concert tour in France (Provence)
1995Recognised by the department of Cultural Affairs from the Flemish Community
1997First Compact Disc
1999First broadcoast concert Musical Ambassador of the European City of Tielt
2000First concert tour in Spain
20013th CD Concert tour in Italy

Reservation and Information:

If you would be interested to book us for a concert, don't hesitate to contact us.

tel/fax: + 32 51 40 53 94 / e-mail

JET Symphonic Band p/a Bruggestraat 32 B-8700 TIELT Belgium